Mekelle University Alumni /የመቐለ ዩኒቨርሲቲ የቀድሞ ምሩቃን

MU-Alumni Affairs Office work with a wide range of partners to assist the advancement and internationalization of Mekelle University, its students and staff. Th­­­­e role of the MU-Alumni Affairs Office is to help forge and strengthen links between both the academic and student communities at the University with former students, philanthropic win-win partners and those who wish to help the University to maximize the societal benefit of its teaching, research, and community service. The Office combines support for the development of the University's interaction with its alumni with administrative assistance for the works in the University-Industry and Internationalization initiatives. It also co-ordinates and assists the academic community in planning approaches for philanthropic support of academic objectives.

The Alumni Affairs Office is here to help graduates stay in touch with their former classmates, to find lost friends, to help them affinity groups and to maintain their contact with Mekelle University from wherever they are in the world. The Development and Alumni Relations team works to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with alumni and friends of MU, whether they are former students of Mekelle University. The MU’s Alumni Affairs Office is ready to assist those interested affinity groups who would like to stay in touch with the University and each other and to keep them informed of the latest news, events and alumni or affinity reunions.

Once graduates leave MU, the MU’s Alumni Affairs Office don’t want to lose touch with them. The Office makes sure that MU’s graduates are up to date with all the latest advancements and activities at the University.


To engage the Mekelle University’s local, regional, national and global community to support and advance the University's excellence.


The Mekelle University Alumni Association fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by involving alumni, students, and friends to the Mekelle University and each other. The Alumni Association advocates for the University and its alumni with an independent, credible, and collaborative voice.


Furthermore, MU-Alumni aims to:

  • Develop among the members a high sense of dedication, professional growth and all-out support to the administration of Mekelle University.

  • Initiate and implement programs for research and community extension services.

  • Maximize resources and other means to support various projects of the association; and

  • Extend assistance and scholarship grants to qualified students, and

  • Develop a performance culture that attracts and retains the best talent and makes MU the best professional place to work in.